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Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Abiding by the laws and regulations is the foundation on which URN ethical standards are built and is critical to its reputation and continued success.

URN personnel are required to comply with applicable laws and regulations of many different governmental agencies since URN serves many clients, including state and federal governments.

Business courtesies or entertainment that might be appropriate when dealing with commercial or private parties, like paying for meals, often are inappropriate or illegal when dealing with government officials, whether in the Uganda or elsewhere.

The offers or payments made by an employee or through an intermediary not employed by URN, in order to pave way for work relations, such payments are also usually illegal under the laws of the country where the bribe is paid or accepted.

URN personnel will never give or offer money, favors, or anything of value to a Ugandan government or foreign government official to influence or reward an official decision, either directly or through an intermediary. We advise URN personnel that if they are solicited, either directly or through an intermediary, for money, favors, or anything else of value by or on behalf of a government official to influence or reward a decision, they should report the incident immediately to a Staff Manager or to URN senior management. Under certain very limited circumstances, personnel may make payments or reimbursements to government officials for meals, entertainment, transportation, or lodging expenses in connection with contract performance or other business reasons. Such payments or reimbursements may be permitted only if they are allowed under laws.