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Purpose of the URN Code of Conduct

The URN Code of Conduct serves as a guide and point of reference for all URN personnel in their day-to-day behavior and decision making. The Code clarifies URN’s operating principles and the values implicit within them. It specifies the standards of personal and professional conduct expected of URN personnel in many dimensions of their professional activity. URN’s Personnel Policy Manual provides greater detail in each of these dimensions and others. (If a perceived conflict between this Code and the Personnel Policy Manual arises, the Policy Manual governs.)

The Code is an open disclosure of the way URN operates. It provides guidelines for behavior and a set of expectations that are to be met in dealing with other individuals and communities. URN ascribes to the principles and values of the Code as one means to maintain and enhance its positive public identity and to inspire trust and confidence in its work.

The Code is a tool to encourage discussion of ethics and how URN personnel can deal with the ethical dilemmas, conflicts, and gray areas that are encountered as we conduct our work. The Code is meant to complement other policies and rules, not to substitute for them. Moreover, as the Code cannot address every ethical situation, URN personnel are expected to use their best judgment and consult with managers or officers in making the right decisions.