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Research Conduct

URN is committed to supporting the growth and spread of knowledge in the areas where it conducts research. URN conducts research using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods— e.g. program evaluations, meta-analyses, and ethnographic studies. All research conducted by URN or on behalf of URN will be performed using the highest professional standards, with the understanding that methods are diverse and change.

We encourage dialogue and debate among competing perspectives. We expect URN personnel to show respect for diverse ways of conducting research. We should be honest and open about their perspectives and methods, mentor others, and conduct themselves in a manner that does not bring their profession or URN into disrepute.

URN personnel who engage in research or who represent URN’s research to others must follow all relevant URN research policies, including reporting accurately their qualifications, verifying their citation of other work, reporting fully and honestly all research findings, and giving credit to others whose work they use. Additional information on this subject can be found in URN’s Ethics in Research and Publication instructional booklet.